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Private Cloud - VMWare Powered

Private Cloud - VMWare Powered

cloudNow you can migrate your services and data to your own private cloud

More companies than ever are making the shift to 'cloud' computing. Hosting your data and services in a secure online location can have massive benefits for business, cutting costs, freeing up valuable IT resources and giving your data greater protection.

At Internet Central, we are aware of the benefits in terms of lower IT costs and the extra protection afforded to vital data, so we have developed IC Cloud - a private 'cloud' for your company that can be shared between you, your staff and even your clients, if required.

  • Direct access to your private 'cloud'.
  • Create, backup, move and clone your servers within a secure infrastructure.
  • Physical host servers located in Internet's Central's secure UK data centres.
  • Your own data centre, in a box. Full control over your infrastructure.
  • Access through a secure Internet connection or over Internet Central's infrastructure.

Join the companies that are realising the benefits to be gained from cloud computing. By migrating your services and data to the cloud, you can cut costs, increase your company's mobility and see a real difference in productivity.

Internet Central can demonstrate how you can migrate your existing servers, host them securely, manage and monitor your servers. Contact us today, we would welcome the opportunity to work with you.