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Virtual Servers - VMWare Powered

Virtual Servers - VMWare Powered

The hosting service that grows with your business

Virtual servers are quicker than the average single physical server, can be adapted to meet your changing needs, and are reliable. Operating within a secure and fast network with storage infrastructure, if your business is growing and you need an IT hosting solution to keep pace then virtual servers could be the right option for you.

From just £40 a month, this hosting service delivers above and beyond what you may expect for the price.

Virtual servers provide flexibility

Different operating systems are supported by virtual servers, including Windows and Linux. And because virtual servers are built around your particular needs, you simply alter memory, CPU and drive size whenever you need it - meaning you don't have to make an expensive initial investment in your hosting service either.

Customers can also access their server via a remote administration portal to reboot or power on their machines. This additional opt-in service also lets you get screen access to your server even if you lose IP connectivity.

Virtual servers provide efficiency

Virtual servers use a dual 64-bit Quad Core Intel Xeon for maximum efficiency. And as there is no physical server present, power and cooling costs are reduced.

Virtual servers provide less risk

There is less risk of network failure coupled with the peace of mind that if something goes wrong, there is back-up to cope with this and reduce downtime.

  • Internet Central virtual servers use SAN data storage for maximum disk performance. Should a disk fail, a spare drive takes over so your online presence is not disrupted. The faulty disk is then removed and replaced.
  • High Availability (HA) keeps your server running, regardless. The HA component exists to move Virtual Private machines from a server should it fail, to other servers within the cluster quickly.
  • Distrubuted Resource Scheduling (DRS) means that our clsuters constantly monitor the demands of each virtual server and the system will move your server around to ensure that it's always got the resources needed to run efficiently. Moving takes place in real time and without downtime to your server.

Virtual servers provide security

The platform on which your virtual servers are located is protected by the award-winning Fortigate Unified Threat Management firewalls, to keep your servers safe and performing well. In addition, there is intrusion, anti-virus and malware protection on your virtual servers - and all this is on top of the fact we provide free and ongoing technical support with a rapid response rate to fix any issues in the unlikely event of these occurring.

Virtual servers is the flexible and reliable hosting service for your business


We do not use open source or unsupported virtualisation technologies

Internet Central use VMware vSphere 4.1 to run virtual servers and we employ multiple fully qualified VMWare technicians (VCP, VTSP & VSP) to support and run your environment.

Using the very latest Dell R710 servers equipped with 64GB of memory and dual quad-core CPU's, redundant ring Gigabit switching fabric (20Gbps Ring) and Fortinet unified threat management security.

The platform is housed in state-of-the-art UK data centres with full power and environmental redundancy.

All Virtual Private machines are setup at the point of order according to customer requirements. VMware allows for virtual servers to be upgraded easily including increasing memory, drive space or CPU capacity. The VMware system can support virtual machines of varying sizes with memory of up 255GB.

Performance optimizations mean that up to 8,900 database transactions can be performed per second, 200,000 I/O operations per second and up to 16,000 Exchange mailboxes per host.

Virtual servers will also have the following key features as default -

  • VMotion - Your server will move automatically to the most suitable host server to ensure a fast response and high uptime.
  • DRS - Should your server need more resource / processing power it will move automatically to another host server using the VMotion technology. You will not experience any downtime.
  • SAN Storage - All servers are stored on high-end Dell EqualLogic storage devices using RAID 50. This means that your data is stored on a very resilient system which can withstand drive failures.

You can also choose to add the following features -

  • High Availability - Known as "HA" this will protect your server in the event of a host server failure. Although the host servers have dual power supplies from different feeds, multiple internet connections via different switches and multiple SAN connections, your server will be moved automatically if the host server fails to respond.
  • Backup - A regular snapshot / backup can be made of your server. This will let you roll-back to a previous version of your server should you need it. We use the VMware Data Recovery solution to protect our customers from failed Windows Updates, SQL corruption or similar guest OS failures.
  • Firewalls - We can add advanced firewall technology to prevent unauthorised access into your server and protect it from Denial Of Service attacks. We can also add VPN technology and full Unified Threat Management.
  • Remote access - The ability to control and access your server even if you lose connection to the machine itself. this is especially useful if you lose RDP / SSH access or have ethernet / IP configuration problems. You are also able to power down / power up or reboot your server or servers.