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UC Voice & Video

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UC Voice & Video

The 'real' meaning of unified communications

For ages people have talked about cloud and UC, but what do they mean and why do you want them? Put simply: It's the point at which lots of separate methods of communication come together are used natively as a single tool.

So what does it do?

  • Telephone Calls & Telephone Conferencing
  • Voice Messaging (voicemail)
  • Video Calls & Video Conferencing
  • Instant Messaging (IM text chat)
  • Screen Sharing / Presenting
  • Mobile Phone Integration
  • Advanced Call Steering & Control
  • Call Centre functionality
  • Integrates with your company systems
  • Self install and management via online web portals

It's far more than just a phone system; but you can still 'just call someone'.

In short: It combines and replaces several traditionally independent systems and hardware, reducing complexity and overall upfront cost. UC protects your investment as the system is continually updated to incorporate the latest communication methods without the traditional constraints of your hardware.

By moving to UC our customers are reducing travel costs, freeing up time, and ultimately saving costs while increasing communication capability, better speed of response and providing improved disaster recovery capability.

Voice Calling

The ability to call other people is a basic but crucial requirement

First and foremost the most important function of a legacy phone system is to be able to call other people over the PSTN (Public Switched Telecommunications Network) and it must just work as that's what we expect. With UC Voice & Video this is the basic building block and using physical handset devices that look and feel just like most other telephone system handsets.

Basic Functions

  • Use various handsets (see hardware page)
  • Make and Receive calls with your own telephone number (DDI)
  • Call control including, hold, transfer, park, pickup etc...
  • 3 way conference calling from the handset
  • Hunt groups for group answering of calls (i.e. sales, accounts etc..)
  • Phone books (Company, Site & Personal)
  • Automated attendant for call steering (press 1... etc.)
  • Voicemail & Voicemail and Fax to email
  • Music on hold (you can change)
  • Keep your existing phone numbers
  • Pay as you grow model (add or remove as required)
  • Self install and management (configure it all from a web browser)
  • Scales from 1 to 1,000's of extensions

The difference between this system and a legacy system is that this is not presented on a physical box in your building. This means you can have multiple offices and locations all using the same system at the same time from anywhere. Instead of physical phone lines we connect you with new digital lines or you can use a good Internet connection.

 Advanced Functions  Benefits over traditional system
  • Call centre functions including wallboards and agent control
  • PCI Compliant Call Recording
  • CRM & Application Integration
  • Advanced call routing (call director)
  • Receptionist Consoles
  • Fax to Email
  • Presence & Instant Messaging IM
  • See feature list and matrix for full list (below)
  • Simpler fully managed / maintained solution
  • Less hardware on your site / no maintenance contracts
  • Constantly improving system (does not go out of date)
  • More functions and features on tap
  • Pay as you grow model (expand / contract size of system as needed)
  • Scales from 1 user to thousands
  • Connect multiple sites easily and call between them for free
  • High Definition (HD) voice (hear the difference in quality)

Video & Conferencing

HD Voice & Video calling is here!

Experience HD quality calls and we guarantee that once you have you, will never want to go back to normal calling again. Holding a conference call between your offices will never be the same again, with crystal clear audio and the latest generation microphones with background noise suppression you can have a real '2 way' conversation in amazing quality.

Add Video calling with HD quality sound

Now you have face to face, room to face or room to room calling where you can hear and see clearly the other party. Interact, share desktops, applications or presentations and engage with each other better and easier reducing the need to travel.

Standard Features

  • 3 way audio conferencing from handsets in HD*
  • One to one video calling
  • HD Conference Room Phones
  • Personal 8 Way Conference room
  • Conference control panel (invite, kick, mute...)
  • Desktop Sharing
  • IM & Presence

Works with

  • Desktop IP Handsets / Video Phones
  • iOS devices (iPhone / iPad etc..)
  • Android Devices (Phones & Tablets)
  • Windows & MAC PC's (via Desktop Client)

*requires HD capable handsets / devices


Link your systems together to speed up working

If you have a customer database / CRM system, use Outlook or even just a web browser then you could have the phone system linked to your applications. Be more informed and sound more professional to your customers by knowing who is calling and even recording the details of the calls for future reference.

Toolbar Application


  • See who's calling on screen (screen pop)
  • Answer your handset, transfer and control with a click on screen
  • Click to call
  • Link to Outlook address book
  • Simple click to divert calls
  • Control Voicemail, Simultaneous Ring, Remote Office settings and lots more
  • Access the company directory, missed calls on screen etc...
  • Included at no extra charge with Advanced & Mobility users accounts

crm connect mixCRM Connect

  • Link to your existing CRM systems
  • Quickly pop customer details to screen
  • Works on Windows PC's
  • Easy to provision
  • Click to Dial from CRM system
  • Click to Dial from clipboard, web page or application
  • Call control, hold, transfer, deflect etc...

Built-in Integration with:

ACT! By Sage, GoldMine, Lotus Notes, Maximizer CRM, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and CRM, Microsoft Outlook, NETSUITE, Sage 50 Accounts, Sage CRM, Salesforce CRM, Sugar, SuperOffice CRM, vtiger, Zoho CRM



Communications on the move

MobileOffice enables you to manage your communications easily and efficiently across PC Desktops, Smartphones and Tablet devices. Perfect for enabling Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) so that your employees can utilise the mobile devices that they may already have.

Key Points

  • Fixed Mobile/Desktop Convergence
    Use your PC, Smartphone or Tablet for calls using 'One Number'.
  • Multiple Device Support
  • High Definition Voice
  • Included with Mobility User

Business Benefits

  • Service Anywhere (one number)
    Increase productivity/efficiency by ensuring users are more contactable.
  • Reduced Call Costs
    Free On-Net calls and reduced rate calls to other destinations.
  • Reduced Hardware Costs
    Only need to buy one communications device (i.e. Smartphone) and can even enable employees to use their own devices.
  • Go Green
    Less hardware and less travelling = reduced carbon footprint. The importance of this is growing, especially in the public sector.
  • Business Continuity
    Snow days and floods won't stop business, users can still do their job from anywhere.
  • Stay One Step Ahead
    Cloud solution means apps can be instantly updated with new features.

Works with

  • iOS devices (iPhone / iPad etc..)
  • Android Devices (Phones & Tablets)
  • Windows PCs
  • MAC PCs


Improve Your Availability

The system has been designed from the ground up to provide a better service than traditional systems and far more flexibility in emergency call routing in the event of a failure. The core system is built on the world leading Broadsoft IP platform and BT's IP Exchange to ensure you get the very best call quality and reliability.

Built for resilience

  • Call forward if not reachable - (power cut, fire, lines down...)
    If your desk phone becomes unavailable for whatever reason then the call can divert to your chosen backup (perhaps your mobile phone), once available again the calls flow back to normal running.
  • Remote Office - Avoid 'Snow Days'
    From your toolbar turn on remote office and divert all your calls to your chosen destination and manage your calls via the toolbar on your phone, tablet or laptop. Now your calls can be wherever you are.
  • Carrier class system for 99.999% availability
    The core system is designed to be used by carriers and is built to be available 
  • Housed across multiple UK data centers
    Built in multiple locations for location resilience with instant failover
  • Designed for Disaster Recovery plans
    Can be used as part of your companie's internal disaster recovery plans to meet business continuity standards.

Connecting for Success

You can have a variety of connectivity options and choices to ensure that reliability and reachability to the platform is greater than traditional telephony lines. The service can be used over any good Internet connection including over 3G & 4G Mobile networks, WiFi access points, Broadband connections through to dedicated MPLS Ethernet Connections.

You are in control of your service levels and resiliency and should the worst happen and you lose connection you can instantly failover to your disaster recovery plans so an outage does not stop your business.

User Licences (phone users) / How to Buy

Contact our sales team to get your company setup and ready to start using the service. We can supply hardware and onboarding and system training to get your IT staff proficient in configuring the system for your business. This is a self install and managed service if you require an on-site installation & management this can be obtained via one of our partners.

Basic Advanced Mobility
  • Entry Level User
  • Call Hold, Xfer, Forward
  • 3 Way Conference
  • Phone Book
  • Video Calling (1:1 on Net)
  • Normal Desk User
  • Call Hold, Xfer, Forward
  • 3 Way Conference
  • Phone Book
  • Video Calling (1:1 on Net)
  • Free UK Geographic Number
  • Speed Dials
  • Alternate Numbers
  • Fax to email
  • Toolbar (PC & Phone)
  • Remote Office
  • Advanced call steering
  • Desk & Travelling User
  • Call Hold, Xfer, Forward
  • 3 Way Conference
  • Phone Book
  • Video Calling (1:1 on Net)
  • Speed Dials
  • Alternate Numbers
  • Fax to email
  • Toolbar (PC & Phone)
  • Remote Office
  • Advanced call steering
  • Shared call appearance 10
    Up to 10 devices connected
  • Mobile Office App
    (iPhone or Android phone)

Add a calling plan to your phone line just choose the minutes wanted.
Plans include calls to UK Landlines (01. 02. 03), UK Mobiles & 75 Countries+

No Calling Plan 
World 500 Minute Calling Plan (+ £6.99 p/month) *Most Popular*
World 1,000 Minute Calling Plan (+ £12.49 p/month)


per user p/month
per user p/month
per user p/month

Phones and Associated Hardware

For a full list of the phones and features please see the hardware page (click here)

informationWorld Calling Plan Terms & Conditions and Call Pricing

 +The service requires a minimum 120Kb/s bandwidth per concurrent call to be available on your Internet access of decent quality (low latency and jitter to LINX UK). IC can also supply 'digital lines' which are specifically tailored connections for voice delivery. For a list of supported Internet gateway devices and pre-requisites please see our knowledgebase.