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Final SMTP & Backup MX Closure Notice

Final SMTP & Backup MX Closure Notice

The final shutdown of ALL outbound SMTP relay servers (with or without auth) and also any backup MX services will be at the end of January 2017 (in 60 days).  This is in a bid to reduce spam, backscattering and blacklisting.

Please note that ICMS and MailShield mailscanner services have already shut down, additionally Harmony is retired also.  After this notified shutdown the only mail services directly provided by IC will be on our shared hosting platform.  The shared hosting e-mail is no longer sold and is best suited to situations where you've only got a few mailboxes, where mail is not stored on the server and where you've connected from a fixed location such as an office PC only.  We strongly advise a move to Office 365, if you only have one or two mailboxes you'll find this excellent value for money comparatively.


Q: I have my email with another supplier and wish to send out email from your Broadband

A: Use your email provider's servers with secure authentication for relay of email, any decent email provider should provide this facility. IC will not restrict you from sending SMTP via the network to your provider.

Q: I have mx1.keele.netcentral.co.uk or similar as an MX record in my DNS

A: IC will not change your DNS records automatically but we can do so at your request if you use our nameservers.  Ultimately leaving the record there will do no harm as the hostname your MX points to will be retired and couldn't point at anything any longer.  Whilst in pricinple a backup MX is a good idea, we are retiring them as often they are used for backscatter attacks (see Wikipedia) as they didn't do any inbound anti-spam checking.  We advise you use a service like Office 365 that has multiple servers and multiple MX records which makes a backup MX redundant.

Q: I have a connection with you and an Exchange Server and want the SMTP smart host

A: All of our Office grade services provide the ability for INBOUND MX relay where we can act as a secondary mail relay host in case your server goes offline. For OUTBOUND email you should send this direct from your server and not via an intermediary please see these articles for how to set this up;

Exchange 2003


Exchange 2007-2010


Q: I have an email service with you and use a generic smtp server

A: All of our email services are now provided with a secure SMTP authenticated relay, you simply use the same inbound and outbound servers and same username / password details for both. You may just need to alter your settings for this to work. NB. If you are using mobile devices / more than one device accessing your email then you should take note of this related service announcement (click here).

NOTE: In order to send SMTP email direct then we recommend you have a valid reverse DNS entry setup and also on your domain name create a valid and restricted SPF key. This will limit and lock down your services to reduce the potential for errors. If you are unsure contact our support team for more details.