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Pop3 & IMAP Service Changes

Pop3 & IMAP Service Changes

Product Update

Email Services are changing - End of Sale Notice POP3 & IMAP Mailboxes on shared hosting

Email is now vital to most businesses and with the sheer explosion of mobile devices and systems the traditional email systems are no longer appropriate, they were designed as simple user (one device) single mailbox stores where you collected your email and it was removed from the server.

Now each user has multiple devices which are cloud oriented and they are leaving copies of emails on the server and collecting / checking every minute so we are seeing an unprecedented number of issues including:

  • Mailbox Locked
    you keep getting asked to re-enter username / password
  • Emails vanishing
    one device has collected an email but it is not available on another
  • Mailbox full
    as it was a 'temporary' store they are not designed for more than 30MB
  • Duplicate email / deletion issues
    you have to delete read emails from multiple devices or duplicate replies by accident
  • Blacklisting of emails
    you get your emails junked

If you are experiencing any of these issues then we would like to discuss with you the new solutions available that can dramatically simplify and improve your communications.

Most customers are now opting to change how they get their email.

In our first phase (this notice) we are simply highlighting the issues and encouraging our customers to consider moving onto our newer services, but over the coming months it is our intention to actively migrate customers to replacement services as customers advise us of problems.

It is our intention in the future to discontinue these old services and notices will be served to customers. All of these services have now been removed from our hosting packages and have been withdrawn from sale.

New / Replacement Services

  • Larger email boxesof 25GB or 50GB per user
  • Synchronised email
    Inbox, folders & sent items
  • Live Update
    Read, reply or delete on any device and your other devices update to show the change)
  • Everything synchronised together
    Single points of reference for Calendars / Appointments, Phonebook & Contacts and tasks..
  • Easy device changing
    Add a new phone just log it in and your email, calendars, contacts will automatically be downloaded and updated

Please find more information on two different solutions on our website at: www.ic.co.uk/365