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Broadband Terms & FAQ

Broadband Connect - ADSL, ADSL2+, FTTC & FTTP

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) & Terms of Use

How can I find out (provisionally) if my line could receive a Broadband service?

Enter your BT telephone number on our broadband check & buy page, then click "check" and our website will give you clear detailed results.

Why do I need to pay an install fee?

Quite simply BT are charging us for engineering time to provision service so we have to pass this on.

How do we provide service?

The service utilises BT's DSLAM's in their exchanges and street cabinets and your local telephone line is connected into a port on the DSLAM which strips off the data and sends it onto the BT Colossus or 21CN Data Network. We then have connections into the BT network and your data comes down one of these connections into one of our Data Centres and onto our network. Then your requests are forwarded to one of our upstream Internet connections and to the 'Net'.


If you already have Broadband with another provider then we could migrate your connection to us, this way your downtime would be limited to only hours rather than days. In order to migrate to us we require you to contact your existing provider and obtain a 'MAC' key for your current connection this code should then be entered during the ordering process with ourselves.

Please note a MAC key is valid for a period of up to 30 days only (check with your ISP) so please only request this key from your provider once you are ready to start the migration. A migration typically takes up to 5 days from the placement of order to the switchover and should only incur about 1 hours outage.

It should be pointed out that migrations where the connection type is being changed are processed as a like for like migration followed by an upgrade / downgrade as appropriate. this may mean that the final provisioning date is slightly later than the date given for installation, to allow the regrade to occur. When migrating and changing the product delivered (e.g. migrating from a 512Kb/s to 1024kb/s connection), additional regrade fees may apply.

Migration should be supported by all providers and the free migration is subject to the customer remaining connected for a minimum period of 12 months else a cancellation charge equivalent to the connection fee will be levied.

If you wish to move away from us at any point then you may also request a MAC code from ourselves, we request written cancellation notice be issued and a MAC code request, you may submit your request by letter, fax, or email (must be from your registered email address that is against your account), and we will issue a MAC code as soon as possible but within 5 working days. If you have any problems then call or email sales on sales@ic.co.uk or 01782 667788. Once you activate a MAC code then the remaining fee's due under your contract will be invoiced, if the minimum duration of the contract has not been reached then the remainder of the term will be invoiced.


If you already have Broadband with ourselves you can re-grade your connection to new products in around 5 working days (for major change) or 24 hours for minor changes. You will see an outage of up to 1 hour whilst the connection is changed over. Once re-graded the new pricing and terms for that product will apply.

How long from order to install?

We are providing service in approximately 5 working days from receipt of order, (where conflicting services are present on the line, or the exchange is not yet Broadband enabled, the lead time is taken from the date the line is clear to receive Broadband service). A fasttrack service is available at additional charge, please contact us for more details.


All of our ADSL's are 'wires only' installations. This means that there will be no engineer visiting your premises to install the connection, or any hardware provided by default (unless ordered from us of course).

FTTC & FTTP connections are engineer installations and a appointed time slot and date will be conveyed to you as part of the order process.


All our 'connection only' connections are monthly contracts (minimum 1 month term), all we ask is for 1 months notice in writing in advance of when you wish to cancel, we would however endeavour to cancel your service as quickly as possible from your notice and re-imburse any outstanding fees. If you do not want an automatic cancellation then you MUST specify a cancellation date at the time. See "Ceasing Contracts" for more information.

Where Broaband is taken as part of a lines, use or calls package then the minimum term will be as described in your signup process. Standard terms are either 12, 18 or 24 months early termination fees will apply to contracts terminated prior to the minimum contract term equivalent to the total contract value still outstanding.

Ceasing Contracts & Charges

BT Openreach charge for users who disconnect broadband from the line. If you 'cease' service on the line (this includes cancelling your phone line, moving premises or just ceasing your service) then you become eligible for a BT engineers cease charge. If you are moving your service to an alternate provider then you should 'migrate' your service to them 'DO NOT' ask for your service to be ceased but instead 'MIGRATED' as this will avoid such charges from BT (currently at £34.99+VAT).

IP Addresses

The service is provided with a single fixed IP address. More IP addresses can be provided via a routed connection for Office products provided you satisfy RIPE criteria for static IP addresses.

Policy: We will reverse all routed IP address as Netcentral Broadband Pool. We would prefer end users to use NAT/PAT but, as outlined above we can provide routed connections if necessary. All of our supplied Termination/Routing devices support this.

Advanced IP Services

We are frequently asked the difference between our 'Light' and 'Office' products and other then the upload speeds, 'Office' products also come with the option of Advanced IP Services. The services provided include Reverse DNS, SMTP Direct feed (for running your own email servers on your site), Routed IP blocks (multiple static IP addresses subject to the above) and a few other minor items. The reason for this is that the 'Light' products are designed for basic Internet access which would normally be a couple of intermittent users with basic email and web browsing, whereas the 'Office' range are designed for the larger users in an office environment.

Usage Limits

Why are IC imposing data limits? The answer is quite simple really, we are not stopping people from using the connections but bandwidth does cost money and therefore we have different packages to suit usage patterns.This allows us to provide more capacity to ensure that our network performs cleanly and efficiently.

Illegal Usage

Internet Central does NOT condone the use of it's services for illegal purposes, these include but are not limited to:- Providing SMTP relay service for junk / bulk mail or using our servers for that purpose, using P2P (peer to peer) software for the downloading and sharing of copyrighted material, the transmission of abusive / illegal images & content or using the connection to gain unauthorised access to other systems connected to the Internet.

Any such activity will render you in breech of our terms and your service will be suspended immediately without notice.

The checker tells me I can't get Broadband at any level, yet I already have Broadband with another provider.

The Broadband checking facility on this site is integrated directly with BT's information, the results displayed are a direct result of the information provided by BT. If you know this to be wrong see the next paragraph for things to try.

Why does the checker say I can't get an ADSL service, when my exchange is enabled.

This is typically due to the length of the cable between your phone and the BT exchange, if the ADSL checker says you cannot get a service level the description will normally try and explain why this is. Please read the text under the checker, as this will normally answer most questions.

Other reasons you may not be able to get a particular service include the presence of devices that are incompatible with ADSL. The checker is a provisional check and may not be accurate.

What happens if I order and the line fails?

The answer here is simply that we would cancel your order for that service and if money had been taken it would be fully refunded to your account / card. You would then be free to order another speed connection from ourselves or any other provider of your choice.

What speed can I 'expect' from the service(s)?

Standard ADSL Rates

Product Download Speed Upload Speed
Max Light 288Kb/s - 8Mb/s 64Kb/s - 448Kb/s
Max Office 288Kb/s - 8Mb/s 64Kb/s - 832Kb/s

Maximum Speeds on 21CN Broadband ADSL

The following table shows how the various standards compare.

Standard Downstream rate Upstream rate
G.992.1 ADSL 8Mbit/s 1Mbit/s
G.992.3 ADSL2 12Mbit/s 1Mbit/s
G.992.3 ADSL2 Annex M 12Mbit/s 2.5Mbit/s
G.992.5 ADSL2+ 24Mbit/s 1Mbit/s
G.992.5 ADSL2+ Annex M 24Mbit/s 2.5Mbit/s
FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) 40Mb/s 10Mb/s
FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) 100Mb/s 15Mb/s

It is worth noting that the above table represents the new standards and the theoretical maximum speeds attainable before headers and protocol overheads. The actual speed will vary depending upon line condition, length and contention and service chosen. To find out what you might be able to get please use our checker or contact sales.



Document Revision 02/11/2016